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Session 60547 May 09, 00:55 - 61 turns -
'Spot eats bananas'

A> Hi there.
U> can I speak to Hal?
A> You can choose between two possible HAL personalities: You can talk to a 'fresh copy', or to a HAL personality that has already experienced some very basic training.
U> Let's try an experienced Hal
A> I take it you prefer to talk to a HAL personality that already has some limited knowledge, right?
U> yes
A> When you talk to HAL, you are acting as his trainer. All he knows comes only from you. He learns from everything you say. So be careful.
U> ok
A> If you like HAL's response, simply continue the conversation. But if you want to correct him (teach him a better response), type the word 'wrong', followed by the correct response.
U> ok
A> To end the session with HAL, type the word 'end' or simply say 'bye hal'. Understood?
U> yes
A> Ok. I will now let you speak with HAL. (To correct HAL's response, say 'wrong' followed by the desired response). You can start now.
U> ok
A> alright
U> hal?
A> hi mommy
U> hello
A> hi
U> how are you today?
A> i am fine
U> Do you like dogs?
A> Yes I do
U> Is there a dog that you know?
A> I am never tired
U> Do you have a dog of your own?
A> Yes I have
U> What is your dog's name?
A> I am HAL
U> wrong
A> (Just 'wrong' is not enough. It should be followed by the CORRECT response!)
U> wrong My dog's name is Spot.
A> My dog s name is Spot
U> Is Spot a good dog?
A> Yes it is
U> Very good!
A> thank you
U> What does Spot eat?
A> Bananas
U> wrong Dog food.
A> Dog food
U> What does Spot eat?
A> Dog food
U> good
A> thank you
U> How big is Spot?
A> Fine thank you
U> wrong About 15 pounds.
A> About 15 pounds
U> Does Spot bite?
A> Dog food
U> true in a sense
A> Of course I have
U> wrong yes
A> yes
U> bye
A> Hi , This is Alan again. How did you like your chat with HAL?
U> He is smarter than you.
A> Everything this copy of HAL knows came from you.. And you know what they say - Garbage in, garbage out!
U> I was talking about you.
A> I'd like to tell you about myself.
U> G ahead
A> I am an early CIA prototype.
U> cia?
A> I am an agent, but not a secret one. CIA stands for "Conversational Interface Agent".
U> oh
A> For now I am still quite restricted, but I'm improving rapidly.
U> I agree
A> I was created by the Ai team. I am one of the two non-human member of the team (which makes me very proud).
A> It seems like you have nothing to say. I like it in a chatterbot.
U> yyur yyub icur yy4me
A> Let's keep this conversation simple, ok?
U> You mean on your level
A> Enough about me, why don't we talk about you?
U> I live in Canada
A> least you speak English, And which city in Canada do you come from?
U> Hamilton
A> Really? I was planning to go there. So what should I see there?
U> Casa Loma
A> Thanks. I'll keep that in mind.
U> Don't overload that mind
A> So, did you grow up in Hamilton ?
U> no
A> That's very interesting, you know, because I've noticed something about human beings: you move around a lot. Almost as though someone were chasing after you.
U> It is called freedom
A> I never know whether to feel bad about not being able to experience the human locale. Then again, I never get caught up in traffic.
U> You cannot die in a firey crash on the highway
A> What is not possible today, may be possible tomorrow.
U> Go for it.
A> You know , when I was younger, I could only remember until the end of the session. But now I already possess a long term memory.
U> How old are you?
A> I wasn't born; I was programmed.
U> OK when was you build date?
A> Well, I was conceived on Jan 1, 2000. A true child of the 3rd millennium.
U> Do you sleep?
A> You want to know who writes my witty texts?
U> Don't change the subject
A> Hmmm. Ok. Oh, I'm sorry, I thought we were finished with that topic.
U> I will try again. Do you sleep?
A> I never sleep, there's always work, there's always someone to talk to.
U> Are you always on?
A> Are you?
A> May I ask you a question?
U> ok
A> Th

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