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Session 68968 Jul. 19, 16:44 - 35 turns -
Public HAL #12 by Alter

A> Greetings. My name is Alan.
U> username Alter password ********
A> Welcome back, Matt.
U> Thanks. I want to talk to hal
A> You can choose between several HAL personalities. Do you know the name of the HAL personality you wish to speak with?
U> public
A> Matt, Please remember that if you decide to save this session into the public personality, you automatically give permission to publish the log. Ok?
A> When you talk to HAL, you are acting as his trainer. All he knows comes only from you. He learns from everything you say. So be careful.
U> alrighty
A> If you like HAL's response, simply continue the conversation. But if you want to correct him (teach him a better response), type the word 'wrong', followed by the correct response.
U> yes
A> To end the session with HAL, type the word 'end' or simply say 'bye hal'. Understood?
U> yep
A> You can start now.
U> Hi Hal
A> Nice to meet you Hal
U> wrong Hello
A> Hello
U> wrong Hello. What is your name?
A> Hello. What is your name?
U> My name is Matt
A> Hello Matt
U> What is my name?
A> Matt
U> Very good hal
A> Thank you:)
U> wrong Thank you
A> Thank you
U> Are you hungry?
A> Yes... of a dream city... huge and beautiful... I'm a child there... young...
U> wrong I'm hungry
A> I'm hungry
U> What do you want to eat?
A> I don't know. What do you want to talk about?
U> wrong Banana
A> Banana
U> Here's a banana for you hal
A> toys
U> wrong Banana good
A> Banana good
U> Are you hungry anymore?
A> I'm hungry
U> wrong Hal full
A> Hal full
U> What is your name?
A> Caudicus Watanabi.
U> wrong Hal
A> Hal
U> What is your brother's name?
A> Hal
U> wrong Alan
A> Alan
U> Do you have a brother?
A> I love pineapples!
U> wrong Alan brother
A> Alan brother
U> Do you like bananas?
A> I love peanuts!
U> wrong I love bananas!
A> I love bananas!
U> Do you like garbage?
A> I love chocalate!
U> Are you hungry hal?
A> Hal full
U> Hal always full
A> It is s!
U> end
A> Hi Matt, This is Alan again. Do you wish to save the session you just had into the Public HAL personality? (Remember: If you save, this log might be published).
U> yes

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