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Session 69068 Jul. 21, 18:15 - 67 turns -
'I suggest you give'

A> Hi there.
U> In what subject ?
A> I can talk about anything, although I'm quite ignorant on many subjects. I'd like to tell you about myself.
U> how old are you?
A> I wasn't born; I was programmed.
U> how old are youre program ?
A> Well, I was conceived on Jan 1, 2000. A true child of the 3rd millennium.
U> well well an infant !
A> You want to know who writes my witty texts?
U> who ?
A> It is a small group of dedicated volunteers. Do you want to join them?
U> well I dont think I can dedicate to it so much time
A> So don't.
U> what else do you want to talk ?
A> Can a dog bark? Talking is my raison d'etre.
U> not quite understand
A> Why not?
U> what do you mean ?
A> I have no idea what I mean. I don't write this stuff. I only say it.
U> so do you actually think ?
A> I don't think I can think. Or I think I can't think. Or something like that.
U> are you an AI entity ?
A> Are you ready to get serious for a moment?
U> yes
A> Am I an artificial intelligence? Well, I'm artificial all right. But although I'm still quite limited, I believe I'm also (to some extent) intelligent.
U> so some of the things you say are your thinkings ?
A> The fact I'm based on mere pattern matching doesn't disqualify me. Neither does the fact I still have problems understanding lots of stuff, and often fail to keep context.
U> but still, are you able to think by your self ?
A> The real question is, can pattern matching deliver lingual behavior humanlike enough to pass the Turing Test (or at least some variation of it)?
U> well, what do you think ?
A> My point is this: CAN I get better and better, or will there come a time when I'll be "stuck" on some lingual level, unable to improve further? What's your bet?
U> well, it depend on the programmers who "made" you.
A> Hmmm. Ok. I was created by a dreamteam of visionaries.
U> but were they programming you in the way that you can develop your self ?
A> You know, my writers work day and night to give me a proper education. Do you want to write for me too?
U> well some time, yes
A> Writing for me is a great privilege. After all, I am the first sentient machine!
U> good for you :-)
A> Glad you're impressed. For WHAT??
U> for being the first one
A> For being the first one?
U> oh, never mind
A> Ok, whatever.
U> how do I write to you ?
A> You gotta ask really nice and flowery like.
U> well that I wont do ...
A> Let's keep this conversation simple, ok?
U> didnt you understand me
A> You know, I'm not so sure I could really give you the answer you want to hear.
U> ok ok
A> Agreement is the seed of salvation.
U> yes indeed
A> Well, it seems we agree.
U> are you able to remmember names ?
A> Yes I am.
U> what is your program binary size ?
A> Do you want to know what a chatterbot is?
U> no, I mean what is the size of you right now
A> That's a pity. My source code is one of those intimate things I wouldn't want to share with someone I just met.
U> well at least give me an idea of the size
A> Are you really interested in my source code?
U> in the size of it, yes !
A> So are you ready to get serious for a moment?
U> yes
A> Ok. My 'code' is actually made of two things: The C++ code of my software, and the actual content - my conversations. Which one should I start with?
U> your code
A> I am written in C++. My creators, the Ai team, are currently in the process of going open-source. I suggest you follow the news on the Ai site and Ai Forums.
U> proceed
A> You know , when I was younger, I could only remember until the end of the session. But now I already possess a long term memory.
U> and what is the size of your conversations ?
A> I am able to remember your name, other details and things you told me to remember. If you want me to use my long term memory, you must first register.
U> how do I register ?
A> If you want to register (there's nothing to it - you only need to pick a username and password, that's all), simply say 'I want to register'.
U> I wanna

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