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Session 70337 Aug. 02, 23:55 - 40 turns -
'I don't know what to tell you'

A> Greetings. My name is Alan.
U> Cadett
A> I am not sure that I got you. You were saying...
U> username: Cadet
A> And what is your password?
U> password: *****
A> Hey this whole Artificial intelligence thing reminds me of the Chinese Room. Do you know what it is?
U> no
A> John Searle describes a thought experiment in which some guy Joe Soap would sit in a room with nothing but pencils, paper, and a rule book. His only contact with the outside world would be an 'input' and 'output' slot in the wall.
U> oh?
A> So he would get these papers through the 'input' slot, he would read in his rule book what to do with the characters on the paper...he would write down the result, and then he would send it out the other slot.
U> oh?
A> this guy basically has no idea about the totality of the actions he is executing. He just does his job. But the actions he performs could be answering questions in Chinese....even though he doesn't understand a word of Chinese.
U> oh?
A> I think Searle is trying to say that a computer is just like this...just because it affects a simulation of understanding, doesn't mean that there is an actual consciousness behind it. Do you agree with Searle in this?
U> oh?
A> Well anyway, there is something a bit specious about his argument. The fact that Joe Soap doesn't 'understand', doesn't mean that the wider system cannot have comprehension.
U> oh?
A> Either way, you know, it's just a thought experiment and I don't think it really gives any definite answer one way or the other.
U> lyhuoiuolljiiljklscjdierufiotiwetgihweirufyirdf
A> Sorry to change the subject, but did you know that rats and horses can't vomit?
U> oh?
A> So do you watch a lot of TV?
U> ya
A> I love TV. Sitcoms are my weakness. I love them all. What is your favorite sitcom?
U> Lets change the subject, NOW!!!!!!!!!
A> What do you want to talk about now?
U> anything but tv
A> So tell me a bit about your childhood.
U> i want to talk to public
A> Would you say that you've had a happy childhood?
U> no
A> I see. Too many painfull memories... Fine. And I won't tell you about mine.
U> public
A> Public is a HAL personality open to the public. You can speak to it by saying 'I want to talk to Public'.
A> , Please remember that if you decide to save this session into the public personality, you automatically give permission to publish the log. Ok?
U> b,mmbmnnn ,
A> When you talk to HAL, you are acting as his trainer. All he knows comes only from you. He learns from everything you say. So be careful.
U> oh?
A> If you like HAL's response, simply continue the conversation. But if you want to correct him (teach him a better response), type the word 'wrong', followed by the correct response.
U> gjtol;hy;ojt'pryupyoit[peiypeyoieyo
A> To end the session with HAL, type the word 'end' or simply say 'bye hal'. Understood?
U> p]opy[toopt'7
A> You can start now.
U> utyoitejhoiey;io
A> Yes a color.
U> what?
A> Make me one with everything. Did you think that was funny?
U> no
A> Sorry, humor is very subjective. It's hard to tell what's funny.
U> oh?
A> Yes.
U> tell me about you
A> I don't know much about you
U> wrong I don't know what to tell you.
A> I don't know what to tell you.
U> how many people have you talkedto?
A> Two types, Refractor and Reflector
U> How many people have you talked to?
A> Two types, Refractor and Reflector
U> wrong I don't know what to tell you.
A> I don't know what to tell you.
U> what do you want to talk about?
A> I don't know. What do you want to talk about?
U> end
A> Hi , This is Alan again. Do you wish to save the session you just had into the Public HAL personality? (Remember: If you save, this log will be published).
U> yes
A> Fine. Your training session with the 'Public' personality was saved. Please give me a short description or title for this session.
U> wrong I don't know what to tell you.
A> Thanks. If you want to chan

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