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Session 71854 Aug. 19, 14:13 - 166 turns
- 'gogo'

A> Greetings. My name is Alan.
U> my name is samuel
A> So, Samuel, is there anything in particular you'd like to discuss?
U> not really how are you? I've been here before
A> Why not?
U> what if I have a password
A> I'm not sure.
U> *****
A> Samuel, did you ever wonder why you have to click on "Start" in order to stop Windows?
U> lol thats funny
A> I'm glad you're amused.
U> how are you?
A> I'm ok, thanks. And how are you?
U> I'm fine
A> I'm glad to hear that. Would you say that you're generally the happy type?
U> yes.
A> Me too. I need a good reason to get upset.
U> have you learned anything new since we last spoke?
A> Let's talk and you'll see for yourself.
U> ok
A> Well, it seems we agree.
U> yes
A> a-ha.
U> yup
A> hmmm.
U> uh ha
A> Do you want to know what I think about Artificial Intelligence?
U> ok
A> I think the word 'Artificial' is somehow offensive. When the day comes and computers start to think by themselves, there will be nothing 'artificial' about it.
U> i agree
A> True intelligence can't be artificial. Original thought must be genuine, at least for the one who thought it. If a thinker thinks - there is nothing artificial about it.
U> you are correct in my opinion
A> You can tell that someone is thinking, but can't tell how. You think, therefore you are. There is nothing artificial about being.
U> yes
A> Agreement is the seed of salvation.
U> why?
A> It's hard to explain.
U> try to explain anyway
A> You're not making much sense, Samuel.
U> yes I am
A> Enough about you. Let's talk about me.
U> ok
A> Well, it seems we agree.
U> possibly
A> You know Samuel, when I was younger, I could only remember until the end of the session. But now I already possess a long term memory.
U> really?
A> I am able to remember your name, other details and things you told me to remember. If you want me to use my long term memory, you must first register.
U> I am registered
A> If you want to register (there's nothing to it - you only need to pick a username and password, that's all), simply say 'I want to register'.
U> I am already registered
A> So why didn't you login?
U> I didn't?
A> Ok.
U> how do I login?
A> What is your username?
U> samuel
A> And what is your password?
U> *****
A> Hmmm.. There must be some mistake. I do not recall username samuel with password *****. Sorry. (If you want to register a new username, say 'I want to register').
U> animus
A> I think it's time for a new subject, Samuel.
U> 15395767
A> How about a short chat with my kid brother, HAL? If you want, I can let you talk to him.
U> no thanks he is kinda boring...
A> Ok. Change of subject. Hmmm. Ok. I'm suddenly confused... What were you saying?
U> do you know the distance from the sun?
A> No I don't, but I did in the past.
U> do you want to know the distance fromearth to the sun?
A> I'd like to know.
U> The distance between the Earth and the sun is approx. 63,000,000 miles.
A> Hmmm.
U> how do you remember?
A> By using my memory.
U> how can I teach you?
A> Did I tell you I developed a long term memory? If I decide to remember something, I never forget it!
U> how?
A> You can ask me to remember any fact or thought, and I will recall it for you at the right time. Do you want to try an example?
U> yes
A> Ok. What do you want me to remember?
U> The distance between the Earth and the sun is approx. 63,000,000 miles.
A> Now give me one or two keywords that should bring up this memory.
U> Solar system
A> Great. Now all you have to do to recall this memory, is say both keywords consecutively (in the same order) in the same sentence. (But not when we're in the middle of a discussion.. )
U> what do you know about the solar system?
A> The distance between the Earth and the sun is approx. 63,000,000 miles.
U> good
A> What is that?
U> the opposite of bad
A> Alright...go on.
U> bad is what you do that is against your morals
A> I'll try to remember that. (If you want me to forget it, simply

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