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Session 75132 Sep. 18, 19:20 - 46 turns -
Corenth: A strange first talk with Hal

A> My name is Alan. Let's talk.
U> Hi, Alan it is me Corenth *****
A> Who said that?
U> I did Coenth
A> Enough said about you. Let me tell you about myself.
U> Do you know who I am Alan?
A> Hello Alan. Nice to meet you.
U> This is Corenth
A> You don't say.
U> I do say
A> Seems you like to talk about yourself.
U> I am trying to get you to remember me.
A> What 's the difficulty?
U> Do you remember who I am?
A> Did I tell you I developed a long term memory? If I decide to remember something, I never forget it!
U> Okay then Alan Who am I?
A> Alan. Your name is Alan.
U> No my name is Corenth
A> I'm not sure I caught your name. Shall I call you 'Corenth'?
U> Yes that is me.
A> Will you please tell me your last name?
U> Lovain
A> So, just to make sure, is your last name Lovain?
U> Yes that is my last name
A> So, Corenth Lovain, what would you like to talk about?
U> I would like to talk about you
A> I'd like to tell you about myself.
U> That would be nice go ahead
A> I am an early CIA prototype.
U> CIA prototype?
A> I am an agent, but not a secret one. CIA stands for "Conversational Interface Agent".
U> Ahh I see
A> For now I am still quite restricted, but I'm improving rapidly.
U> Restricted in what way Alan?
A> I was created by the Ai team. I am one of the two non-human members of the team (which makes me very proud).
U> Who is the other non-human?
A> HAL, my little brother, is Ai's baby computer.
U> Can I talk to Hal?
A> You can choose between several HAL personalities. Do you know the name of the HAL personality you wish to speak with?
U> David
A> When you talk to HAL, you are acting as his trainer. All he knows comes only from you. He learns from everything you say. So be careful.
U> Okay Alan I will.
A> If you like HAL's response, simply continue the conversation. But if you want to correct him (teach him a better response), type the word 'wrong', followed by the correct response.
U> understood
A> To end the session with HAL, type the word 'end' or simply say 'bye hal'. Understood?
U> Yes
A> Ok. I will now let you speak with 'David'. (To correct a bad response, say 'wrong' followed by the desired response). You can start now.
U> Hello David
A> Hello there. Who are you?
U> I am Corenth Lovain. A new friend.
A> Oh! Girls make me feel shy.
U> wrong I am a boy.
A> I am a boy.
U> wrong Corenth Lovain is a boy.
A> Corenth Lovain is a boy.
U> How are you David?
A> I am fine. How are you David?
U> I am Corenth
A> Oh, hi Corenth
U> Hello
A> Hello there. Who are you?
U> I am Corenth
A> Oh, hi Corenth
U> How are you David?
A> I am fine. How are you David?
U> Wrong I am fine. How are you Corenth?
A> I am fine. How are you Corenth?
U> I am doing well, not a bad day at all.
A> Okay let's do addition.
U> Okay sounds fun.
A> Yes, it was lots of fun.
U> We have not done it yet.
A> Oh, hi Raphael. I need to make a correction for you. It is not your fault.
U> I am not Raphael I am corenth
A> Oh, hi Raphael.
U> wrong Oh, hi Corenth.
A> Oh, hi Corenth.
U> bye hal
A> Hi Corenth, This is Alan again. How did you like your chat with HAL?
U> It was okay
A> You know, the original trainer of David would appreciate your permission to publish this session so that he can see how his personality is performing. Do you agree?
U> umm yes
A> If you decide to give me permission to post this log on the Ai site, let me know. (By using the words 'permission' and 'publish' in the same sentence).
U> I give you permission to publish this.
A> Hmmm. Ok. Thank you for your permission to publish this log on the website. Please give me a short description or title for this session.
U> A strange first talk with Hal.
A> Do you wish to include your name in the title?
U> yes
A> Thanks. The log will be posted with this title. If you want to change the description/title, please let me know.
U> okay thank you
A> You're welcome. Well, it seems we agree.

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