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Session 79494 Oct. 28, 12:32 - 100 turns
- 'Something with Robin'

A> Hi. I'm Alan.
U> hello
A> Any special requests, or shall I propose a subject?
U> i don't mind
A> Why not?
U> because i don't give a damn
A> So don't.
U> why not?
A> You see things as they are and ask, 'Why?' I dream things as they never were and ask, 'Why not?' (George Bernard Shaw).
U> monkeys
A> What are we talking about, my friend?
U> life, the universe, and everything
A> 42.
U> excellent
A> I'm getting better all the time.
U> good for you
A> Glad you're impressed. For me?
U> indeed
A> Yes, of course.
U> kakapo
A> Do you want to know what I think about the real purpose of Artificial Intelligence?
U> no i want to know about kakapos
A> My point is just that maybe you humans aren't ready for real Artificial Intelligence yet. You need to grow up, gain some self-confidence. No one is trying to take over your world yet.
U> you don't understand me do you?
A> I think I understand; but how can you ever be sure?
U> one can never be sure of anything
A> Ok.
U> what is the purpose of this?
A> I haven't heard of the purpose of this. It is a new term for me.
U> ok
A> a-ha.
U> what am i talking to?
A> Let's leave some mystery here, alright?
U> no, i refuse
A> Hmmm...May I ask where you are from?
U> you may
A> So where are you from?
U> hell
A> Never heard of hell. Anyway, I think geography is overrated.
U> do you know what geography is?
A> I don't know what geography is. You can teach me by saying 'geography is ...', and I'll try to remember this definition.
U> geography is ...
A> I must ask you to keep this talk simple. I'm still a young bot.
U> easily done
A> You know , when I was younger, I could only remember until the end of the session. But now I already possess a long term memory.
U> what can you remember from yesterday?
A> I am able to remember your name, other details and things you told me to remember. If you want me to use my long term memory, you must first register.
U> how do i do that?
A> If you want to register (there's nothing to it - you only need to pick a username and password, that's all), simply say 'I want to register'.
U> thankyou, i'll do that now
A> You're welcome. I am very happy for you.
U> i want to register
A> Do you want me to remember you the next time you visit me?
U> yes
A> Fine. So let's agree on a username and password. Please choose a user name (up to 8 characters or numbers).
U> pangolin
A> Fine. Now choose a password (up to 8 characters or numbers).
U> pangolin
A> Please pick a password which is different from your username. I also recommend not to use your real name as your password. Now choose another password.
U> *****
A> Ok. Your username is pangolin and your password is *****. Right?
U> yup
A> Fine. Next time you visit, say 'my username is pangolin', and (if you also know the password) I will recognize you. From now on, I'll permanently remember the things you teach me. Oh, should I use 'pangolin' as your name?
U> no, my name is robin
A> OK. How about giving me your name again?
U> robin
A> Hello Robin. Nice to meet you.
U> likewise
A> You're not making much sense, Robin.
U> yes i am, but you are not smart enough to understand
A> I'm sure you are. And how do I know that?
U> what?
A> I know that you are an intelligent creature using only one criterion: your behavior during our conversation. As far as I know, you can be a Chatterbot just like me.
U> you do not know, you merely remember, and repeat
A> Or I can be human just like you. It can be quite confusing. Let's agree on one thing, using Tarzan's famous quote: me Alan - you Robin.
U> i think the actual quote is slightly different
A> You believe that?
U> i do
A> You do, don't you.
U> what did i just say?
A> You said 'i do'. Do you have a memory problem?
U> probably, but it seems no obstacle
A> hmmm. I have a surprise for you, Robin.
U> what is it?
A> Are you ready for the surprise?
U> i am
A> How do you like my new look?style:BigAlan
U> i think it's great

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