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Who is HAL?

Much has been said and written about the next step in the evolution of life on earth. Most thinkers and futurists agree that in the near future, intelligent machines will gradually emerge, surpassing humans not only in specific and specialized tasks, but in the most human trait of all: The ability to use language: “Natural” Language.

Well, the future is here. The first generation of speaking machines has arrived, and is available here, on this website.

Artificial Intelligence Research (Ai) presents HAL: The Virtual Child: A software program capable of acquiring language like a child: Through practice and training, trial and error. HAL was developed based on the principles established by Alan Turing over half a century ago, in line with Turing’s own recipe for true AI: Build a “child machine”, a learning algorithm capable of learning from experience, and teach it to speak along the same developmental milestones demonstrated in language acquisition by human infants.

HAL is the product of the extensive research performed at Ai’s research facility over the last 8 years. It consists of two basic components: The Brain and the Personality.

The Brain is a sophisticated machine-learning algorithm, capable of acquiring conversational skills from experience – from its conversations with its trainer(s). There are currently four versions of the Brain open to the public: V4.0 (known simply as HAL), HAL2003, HAL2004, and the most recent release, HAL3000.

The Personality is the accumulated experience and knowledge possessed by an instance of a Brain, subjected to training by a particular trainer. Every Brain that has any prior experience, however minute, is a Personality. The HAL Personalities page offers a choice of available personalities, trained and published by other users, to serve as a basis for your individual training program.

Join the future NOW: Create your own HAL personality, and teach it to speak the way YOU want. You can do that by starting a conversation with Alan and asking him to let you speak with HAL.