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Further Reading
Natural Language Understanding
Survey of the State of the Art in Human Language Technology
An extensive introduction to speech recognition and spoken language understanding (1996)
Natural Language Processing FAQ
From, everything you wanted to know about NLP
"The Language Barrier"
From, an article about natural language searches on e-commerce sites, and why people donít buy it
Bibliography of Research in Natural Language Generation
From "The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies"
Computational Linguistics
From the MIT press, a journal devoted to the design and analysis of natural language processing systems
MITís spoken language systems
MIT lab's experiment with language understanding and voice recognition. The site features voice demos
Natural Language Newsgroup
An active newsgroup dedicated to the research and understanding of NLP
Natural Language Processing
Links from the Department of Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University
NLU links
From, links to tools, techniques, commercial NLU products, papers and more
PC AI - Natural Language Processing
An exhaustive resource center from PC AI Magazine
SRI's International Natural Language Program
Integrating research in spoken language systems, written language systems and multimedia interfaces
The Association for Computational Linguistics
The association's homepage, featuring a full-text archive of publications
The NLP/CL Universe
An indexed compilation of Web resources related to computational linguistics