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Artificial Intelligence
From Myth to Reality


Further Reading
About Chatterbots
An informative and useful site, listing dozens of search agents, entertainment agents, shopping bots, virtual assistants, web agents and wearable agents
A comprehensive bot portal, sporting the logo "The Spot for all Bots on the Web"
Meet HAL's Ancestors
A 'Wired' article by Mark Frauenfelder, dated June 5, 1998. The article features Robby Garner, Richard Wallace, and Jason Hutchens, Ai's former Chief Scientist.

Agent Theories, Architectures, and Languages
Home to the international workshop series, held annually since 1994, and today the pre-eminent international forum for presenting and publishing research on the theory and practice of intelligent agents.
Intro to Agents: What are Agent, Types of Agents,
A short introduction to intelligent agents by Michael Weiss from MITEL Corp.
The Chatterbox Challenge
Users are invited to rate the performance of more than two dozen bots.
The Simon Laven page
A one-stop site for the chatbot world, including bot news, bot books, bot companies and links to the main chatbots on the web
Where Do Intelligent Agents Come From?
"Can intelligence emerge from a bunch of dumb machines?" An article by Cristobal Baray and Kyle Wagner.