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Talk to a Chatterbot
Three hundred people worldwide take part in the ALICE project, headed by Dr. Richard S. Wallace
Eliza - The Classic
The first - and most well-known - chatterbot is still very attractive, especially if you don't mind her "can you elaborate on that?" too much
Download and talk to MegaHAL, a "conversation simulator" which responds in natural language to what you type. It is able to "learn" what to say by observing the things which you write to it, and is therefore not limited to the English language
Albert One - Human Response Emulator
Winner of the 1998 and 1999 Loebner Prize Contests, Albert One is listed in the 2001 Guinness Book of World Records as the most human computer program in the world
Convo is an experimental conversational system, a computer program that you can chat with. We're currently in the process of teaching our character Ditto the donkey to understand the basics of English.
JFRED is a Java-based Functional Response Emulation Device. This technology can be downloaded, or engaged in a conversation over the net
Personality Forge
Personality Forge allows users (who have registered to the site) to create their own personalized chatbots, converse with other chatbots and users who are currently logged in, guess who is who, and come back to talk about it at the site's discussion forums
The John Lennon Artificial Intelligence Project
The goal of this Project is to recreate Lennon's personality with an AI engine programmed with his own thoughts and words. It is a very partial success
The Simon Laven page
Listing dozens of Chatterbots in nine categories, The Simon Laven page is one of the web's chatterbots clearing-houses
Ultra Hal Assistant is your digital secretary and companion. By Zabaware.