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Artificial Intelligence
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Creators of advanced knowledge access solutions with contextual understanding and automatic learning capabilities
AnswerFriend develops products based on computational linguistic theories and natural language technology leveraged to create the first platform to truly understand the meaning of users' inquiries
The AnswerLogic search engine, AE1, uses natural language and computational linguistics technology to interpret user questions
Artificial Life
One of the larger bot-technology companies, Artificial Life develops, markets, and supports animated chatterbot agents
Ask Jeevs
Most known for its natural language search engine, Ask Jeeves provides an online infrastructure that allows companies to connect users to information through natural language question answering
Conversay manufactures solutions for speech interaction with the Internet and related applications for mobile and traditional Internet access devices
Delphes Technologies International
Delphes provides a range of linguistic-based information retrieval and extraction applications
Focusing on customer interaction software for the Internet, eGain creates solutions for email and knowledge management and web and voice interaction
Electric Knowledge
Electric Knowledge develops Natural Language Information Retrieval (NLIR) software solutions which enables to access and navigate computer-based information
Extempo Systems creates "Online Ambassadors" - or chatbots - to automate real-time customer service
Haley Enterprise, Inc
One of the leaders in case-based reasoning (CBR) technology, the Haley Enterprise is a leading expert in automating managed knowledge within business solutions
IBM Research: Human Computer Interaction
This group's research is concentrated around two essential aspects of HCI: the behavioral, aesthetic, and value-sensitive aspects of the design of interactive systems and the emerging and future interface technologies that support advanced interaction methods
IBM Research: Human Language Technologies
The Human Language Technology Group develops conversational interfaces based on speech recognition and NLP techniques (e.g. parsing)
IBM Research: Natural Language Processing
The Natural Language Processing Group works on theoretical issues of computational linguistics and develops technologies such as speech processing, machine translation, information retrieval, text mining and hypertext databases, automatic text summarization, natural language understanding and generation
iPhrase's web site navigation and search platform applications interprets a user's natural language question and queries the relevant data sources in order to present an answer
Kiwilogic's products are Lingubots - chatterbots that sport "virtual personalities" and facilitate natural language communication
LexiQuest develops solutions based on advanced computational linguistics and natural language processing
Microsoft Research: Natural Language Processing Group
Working to design and build a computer system that analyzes and understands regular human language
Mindmaker creates products to assist users in working with applications, surfing the web, and managing information, using spoken commands
When completed in 2010, Mindpixel's project "Mindpixel Corpus" will incorporate more than one billion individual facts, entered by over two million individual people
NativeMinds, Inc.
NativeMind's breed of chatbots is called vReps, or Virtual Representatives. The company focuses its development for the online sales market
Novomind is a principal player in the field of animated web agents, which function predominantly as sales assistants and figures of identification
Nuance Communications
Nuance Communication's is a player in the fields of speech recognition, voice authentication, and text-to-speech software
One Voice Technologies
Develops custom "Intelligent Voice" solutions that allow people to use their voice to get information, communicate, make purchases and control devices using natural language
Sail Labs: Speech-Artificial Intelligence Language Laboratories
SAIL Labs develops and builds technologies and products related to the understanding, processing, and translation of natural languages
Soliloquy's technology is based on Natural Language Processing, and is implemented mainly in commercial bots for e-commerce
Speechworks is a provider of over-the-telephone automated speech recognition (ASR) solutions
SRI Artificial Intelligence Center
The Natural Language Program at the SRI AI Center does research on natural language processing theory and applications
Virtual Personalities
Virtual Personalities' "Verbots" are real time animated chatbots, which utilize natural language processing to communicate with their users
Webmind focuses in the development of products for search and information retrieval, classification and market prediction
Zabaware is aiming its product - chatterbot software that uses both speech recognition and real-time animation - at the PC users market