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Artificial Intelligence
From Myth to Reality


Further Reading
Essential Reading
Can Machines Think?
Excerpts from writings by Daniel Dennet, which ponder the notion of intelligence, the validity of the Turing test, and the future that awaits us
Computing Machinery and Intelligence
Alan Turing's famous article
What is AI
A detailed overview of AI, by John McCarthy
Minds and Machines - Behaviorism, Dualism, and Beyond
The tradition of Descartes and Skinner, and its impact on artificial intelligence. By James H. Fetzer
What Robots Can and Can't Be
A precis of the book by Selmer Bringsjord, which claims that "Artificial Intelligence will eventually produce androids whose behavior is dazzling, but it will not produce robotic persons"
A Proposal for the Dartmouth Summer Research Project on Artificial Intelligence
By J. McCarthy, M. L. Minsky, N. Rochester, C.E. Shannon; published August 31, 1955
Achieving Artificial Intelligence Through Building Robots
Are current methodologies of AI research limited in the proportion of human level intelligence they can be expected to emulate? Rodney Brooks of MIT poses the question, and answers in the affirmative
Agents of Alienation
"The idea of 'intelligent agents' is both wrong and evil", writes Jaron Lanier, who in the 1980's coined the term "virtual reality"
Artifical Intelligence Hasn't Peaked (Yet)
Katie Hafnar draws the outlines of the state-of-the-art in artificial intelligence in this article, published by the New York Times (requires free registration)
Building Persons: Some Rules for the Game
A book review by John Barresi, which suggests that robot intelligence must be tested by nature rather than human judges and introduces the "Cyberiad test" as an alternative to the Turing test.
Happy Birthday, Hal
Going back to "2001: A Space Odyssey", Wired's Simson Garfinkel looks at the mostly unfulfilled promises of AI
Post-Humanism and Ecocide in William Gibson's Neuromancer
The destruction of "normal" ecological systems in "Neuromancer" and "Blade Runner". By Tama Leaver, 1997
Prospects for Human Level Intelligence for Humanoid Robots
By Rodney Brooks of MIT
Super-Toys Last All Summer Long
A short story by Brian Aldiss (1969), and the inspiration for Kubrik and Spielberg's movie "A.I."
Virtual Babyz: Believable Agents with Narrative Intelligence
The narrative of intelligent agents, an article by Mindscape's Andrew Stern
What has AI in Common with Philosophy?
An article by John McCarthy (1996), on the interplay between philosophy and AI