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Artificial Intelligence
From Myth to Reality


Further Reading
Language and AI
Artificial Intelligence at Brown University
The department is concerned with theoretical and empirical studies involving problems from the disciplines of natural language interpretation and machine perception
Words and Rules
Dr. Steven Pinker writes about the important problem in AI of understanding how language works
The Babel Fish Translator
This translation application from Alta Vista is a good place to experience the achievements and short-comings of the interaction between computers and natural language
"Ambiguous Words"
Understanding how humans process the subtlety of language is crucial to recreating the ability to understand natural language in computers
Center for Machine Translation
The CMT at the Carnegie Mellon University conducts advanced research and development in a suite of technologies for natural language processing, with a primary focus on high-quality multi-lingual machine translation
The MC2 Project - Machines of Collective Conscience
"The MC2 machine is like a mirror of what happens inside the brain of multiple individuals trying to impose their own conscience onto the group"
The Well-Designed Child
This well-written and consuming article by John McCarthy of Stanford University is concerned with designing adequate mental structures, including a language of thought
Wallowing in the Quagmire of Language
How can we prove that a software entity is really conscious? How do we show that it is not `merely' mechanical but truly occupying a subject position? An article about Artificial Intelligence, Psychiatry, and the Search for the Subject, by Phoebe Sengers of Carnegie Mellon University