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Artificial Intelligence
From Myth to Reality


Further Reading
From the American Association for Artificial Intelligence
A dynamic library of introductory information about Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence Tutorial Review
A comprehensive introduction to the field, emphasizing the psychological themes that govern Artificial Intelligence and the strive to understand the workings of the mind through AI research. From the University of Toronto
Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence Network is a Web showcase for the ideas and technologies of leading visionaries. KurzweilAI.Net focuses on the exponential growth of intelligence, both biological and machine, and on the merger of the two in a post-humanist future.
AI's Greatest Trends and Controversies
From IEEE's magazine "Intelligent Systems and Their Applications"
An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence.
From ThinkQuest Library, a short introduction to the subject of AI with elaboration on Alan Turing and the Turing test
Definition of Artificial Intelligence, from MIT
The jury is still out on a universally excepted definition of AI; this essay presents the prevailing terminlogy
Eight Challenges for Artificial Intelligence
The Proceedings of the National Conference on AI, which in '96 formulated the main challenges faced by the field
Encyclopedia Britannica
A comprehensive overview of the field of AI. This entry has been written for the encyclopedia by Prof. Herbert Simon
What is AI – by John McCarthy
From the Computer Science Department at Stanford University, including an FAQ section on AI
What is Artificial Intelligence?
By István S. N. Berkeley Ph.D. An historical overview, thoroughly hyper-linked