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Further Reading
The Origins of language
The Little Bang: The Early Origin of Language
A lecture by Eric Gans about the search for the moment, whether or not drawn out in actual time, of the emergence of language from non-language
The Origin of Language: The General Problem
Published in 1989 in Studies in Language Origins, this article describes the search for a synergistic approach to the problem of language origins
The Natural Origin of Language
The full text of the book by Robin Allott (1980), which observes in depth questions such as: is language arbitrary or innate, the connection between speech sounds and units of vision and action etc.
"Mama! Dada!": Origin of Language Pegged at Six Months
The results of a research from the John Hopkins University
Language Acquisition
This research arm of the Brown University Cognitive Science Department is focused on Child Language Acquisition, Topics in Language Acquisition (computational approaches to language learning and the acquisition of phonology), Language Learning Disorders, and Research in Psycholinguistics
Language and Linguistics FAQs
Concernerd, among others, with questions such as how did language originate, are all languages equally complex or are some more primitive than others, and what is known about prehistoric languages.
Motor Theory of Language Origin and Evolution
Robin Allott presents in this scientific paper the concept of the mosaic evolution of language, the fitting together of a whole array of elements, anatomical, neural and behavioral
Sci.lang Newsgroup
An ongoing discussion of the scientific or historical study of human language
The Mimetic Origin of Language: Modern Humans as Musical Primates
The writers of this comprehensive essay propose that language acquisition depends upon a Music Acquiring Device (MAD) which has been doubled into a Language Acquiring Device (LAD) through mimetic evolution